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Team of lawyers

Luo Juan

Luo Juan
Education Background
LLM:  The North China University of Technology
LLB:  Peking  University
Practice Areas and Experience:
Ms. Luo Juan is the director of the Civil and Commercial Department of ShengYun Law Firm.  She also works as a senior expert to give comments on the TV show of “Nomocracy Right Now” in Beijing TV Station.  Ms. Luo Juan’s practice area mainly focuses on labor law and intellectual property law.  
In the field of labor relationship, Ms. Luo Juan has helped many domestic and foreign companies to establish company rules and regulations.  Ms. Luo Juan negotiated on behalf of the company with the employees about dismissal, and took part in arbitration and litigation.  Ms. Luo also provided the professional legal advice on how to deal with the labor relationship for many companies involving corporate mergers, system reform, reorganization, and liquidation.  At the same time, Ms. Luo represented the interest of hundreds of senior white-collar workers to deal with their labor dispute cases.
In the field of intellectual property law,  Ms. Luo Juan has provided professional legal advice on trademarks,  patents, trade secrets, and other intellectual property rights.   When the company's rights and interests were violated, Ms. Luo Juan appeared in court on their behalf.
Native Mandarin, fluent English
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